“Vampire Chronicles” film series back on track

Interview With The Vampire Better late than never, I suppose: Universal Pictures has acquired the rights to develop Anne Rice’s “Vampire Chronicles” as a film franchise. Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci are currently slated to produce the films for Imagine Entertainment.

I’m actually surprised that it took so long for this to happen. My preference would have been for a cable TV series, but I hope for the best with this project. I loved Neil Jordan’s “Interview With the Vampire” — I still would have preferred Brad Pitt as Lestat and Tom Cruise as Louis, though — but with that film turning 20 years old this November, it makes sense to just restart the series from square one.

“Queen of the Damned”… well, that was rough, but my stance has softened since director Michael Rymer is involved with NBC’s excellent “Hannibal.” But my favorite aspect of that movie is still that Godhead’s “Penetrate” appears on the soundtrack.

Casting will be critical. It’s one thing to cast an actor as Lestat the aristocrat, or Lestat the hard rocker, but it will be a challenge to find someone who can be convincing as both. Personally, I think Reeve Carney or Ben Barnes would be a great Louis; Carney would be a good Armand if they are gunshy about casting a teenage actor in that role. My dream choice for director? Park Chan-wook. His underrated vampire movie “Thirst” combines poetic grace with unflinching violence.

Oh yeah, and here’s that Godhead song. Killer band!

(Source: Variety)

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  1. WHAT?! This is cool! Excellent pedigree. I’ll definitely stay tuned!

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